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The Kindle DX Is More Than Just A New Device Itís A Step In The Same Direction
[2009-05-07] If you are at all plugged into the tech world, chances are you're tired of reading about the Amazon Kindle DX. I am too. So why I am writing about it? With all the hype about the new device, some may not realize its ultimate significance. To be sure, the DX offers a wide variety of new features that the old Kindle couldn't muster. It's a newspaper, a magazine, a textbook. It's saving trees. It's making a small dent in the pulp and paper industry. In essence, it's a big changer.

The Phenomenal Growth Of Social Networking
[2009-03-25] Facebook, a social networking platform that I am sure you are aware of has been attracting the attention of quite a number of users for quite some time. As seen in the Google Trends chart here, you can see the impact as compared to others like MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to Find Companies and Other Users on Twitter
[2009-03-12] A big question for marketers that want to connect with businesses on Twitter is that they often don't know where to look. Part of the rub is that Twitter is predominantly a service used by individuals, not companies.

Using Twitter Effectively For Business Purposes
[2009-02-26] Twitter for many used to be a way of passing the time, like watching the crowds walking along the High Street, or watching a turbulent river flow by. Fascinating and in some ways relaxing. However with so many people now using Twitter it has become a rich resource that you can use effectively for business purposes and many people are. How can you best get results that justify the time you may spend on Twitter.

How To Use Your Gmail As A Geo Locator
[2009-02-12] The Gmail Team rolled out a really cool new feature to their Gmail services: you can now have your whereabouts added to your signature at the time your email was sent. I'm sure half of you are thinking "that's awesome!" while the other half are saying, "who cares?" Google is able to do this through the use of IP detection.

Add A Custom Footer To Your RSS With Better Feed
[2009-01-29] Better Feed is a WordPress plugin that allows the blog owner to add a custom footer to the end of each post in their feed.† This a great way to customize what your readers see when they only read your feed, and don't click through to your site.

Ford's Vision of The Digital Car
[2009-01-15] Tuesday, I posted a column on my interview with Doug VanDagens of Ford Motor Company. Today, you get the full interview. I'm partial to text since it's easier to read during the workday, so you can choose between the video or the full transcript (very slightly modified for readability).

Most Influential Biztech Products of 2008
[2008-12-23] Here is a synopsis of the 10 Most Influential Biztech Products of 2008 as seen by Larry Dignan, Sam Diaz and Tom Steinart-Threlkeld of ZDNet's Between the Lines, fame.† Check out the complete source article for more detail on each product:

Text Message Chat Available In Gmail
[2008-12-11] Gmail is coming out with a lot of innovations! After the introduction of Gmail Tasks they have added another feature which would allow the users who have Gmail accounts, to send SMS text messages through Gmail chat.

Listen To Twitter News With Twitter Search
[2008-11-26] For listening to conversations on Twitter about your brand, your client's brand or anything else you need to be paying attention to online, you are literally spoiled for choice.

Backtype Could Be A Bloggerís New Best Friend
[2008-11-06] As someone who works predominantly in the online field, Backtype might be the most useful social media application I've come across yet. Why such a bold claim for an application as new as Backtype?

Create Online FlowCharts with Mind Maps
[2008-10-23] With a host of projects to complete for clients, how do you capture your ideas? A platform I use is software for mind mapping is Mindgenius as you can integrate your mind map into a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation,save as a PDF or even a web page.

Wordpress Plugins You Must Have
[2008-10-09] Here is the list of the most important plugins for Wordpress. Keep in mind, however, that there are many, many plugins available for a wide variety of tasks, so feel free to check them out at

New Advertising Platform by Yahoo!
[2008-09-25] Yahoo! has launched a new advertising platform in the market! It was launched at a media event in New York City with Jon Hamm, star of TV's Mad Men.

Easy malware diagnostics for your site using Google
[2008-09-11] Interesting little handy trick for seeing if your web site has been listed as malware, with a nice diagnostic screen for you to use on any web site out there. If you have been tagged as a malware delivery site, this diagnostic can give you a very good idea of what to look for.

Free Secondary Ticketing on Live Stub
[2008-08-28] The internet has created an expectation of free - from music and movies via P2P to Google's latest application or service.

Apture Adds Valuable Pop-ups to Your Blog
[2008-08-14] I detest pop-ups on websites, especially the ones that so obtrusively steal your mouse whenever you move it across a web page and unexpectedly pop up something in a window.

Switching From Old iPhone To New 3G iPhone
[2008-07-31] I just upgraded from a first generation Apple iPhone to a shiny new 16GB white iPhone and am excited to switch over completely. All my data, phone book, etc are on the old system, though, and I am perpetually anxious about first sync as I'm afraid that the empty phone address book will overwrite my huge address book data already on the computer? How do you clone the old iPhone and the new?

Google Docs Templates Directory Launches
[2008-07-17] Via the Official Google Blog, Google has announced the launch of 'Google Doc Templates Directory'. Google Docs is an application suite that consists of Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

Firefox 3.0 Full Screen Mode
[2008-07-03] Firefox 3.0 Looks Much Better Full Screen. That was written by Geoff Fox of PC Magazine and I think he has got it exactly right.

ClickTale Launches Form Analytics
[2008-06-19] ClickTale has just launched a new analytics product called Form Analytics. Form Analytics reveals how visitors interact with online forms and provides recommendations that can increase form completion rates and shopping cart conversions.

Is Your Story Hated Or Loved?
[2008-05-29] Sadly this isn't possible on Digg, though it would be interesting if they provided a page with the most buried or hated stories. After all, just because you don't like a story doesn't mean it is spam, but it is still news.

Watch vmcNetFlix on Your Media Center Extender
[2008-05-08] vmcNetFlix - Official Site: My pal Davis Freeberg tells me that he has intstalled the vmcNetFlix plug in for Media Center and has successfully been able to watch Netlifx "Watch Now" content through his XBox 360 as a Media Center extender.

Geotargeting With Google's Webmaster Tools
[2008-04-24] Below, Analyst Susan Moskwa explains how to leverage Google's Webmaster tools in order to specify your website's target region.

Firefox Based Rank Checking Tool
[2008-04-03] Aaron Wall has come up with a very simplistic tool used as an extension for Firefox. Known as 'Rank Checker', this extension allows a user to check the rankings of websites by grabbing data from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Search Engine Result Pages .


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