The Kindle DX Is More Than Just A New Device, It's A Step In The Same Direction

By Staff Writer

If you are at all plugged into the tech world, chances are you're tired of reading about the Amazon Kindle DX. I am too. So why I am writing about it? With all the hype about the new device, some may not realize its ultimate significance. To be sure, the DX offers a wide variety of new features that the old Kindle couldn't muster. It's a newspaper, a magazine, a textbook. It's saving trees. It's making a small dent in the pulp and paper industry. In essence, it's a big changer.

One oft-overlooked feature of the Kindle's usefulness is the replacement potential that it provides for personal documents. Look around your desk. Right now, chances are there are dozens of papers-either in stacks, in letters, or in files. Actual paper. The new device is intended to replace on-your-desk paper with on-your-Kindle files.

Think about it. When you take away newspapers, magazines, and the clutter of miscellaneous-but-necessary paper in our lives, we're left with very few paper products to deal with.

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That's what the Kindle is doing. They are taking the bits of paper away from us. Little by little. I realize that a host of objections can be raised against the total absence of paper from our daily lives. Paper is still necessary and important. However, this is only generation #3 of the Kindle. As long as the Amazon machine keeps running, the Kindle will, too. And as it develops, progresses, and takes over, paper will become more and more antiquated.

Recent history proves this point. With the rise of computers came a remarkable decline in everyday paper use. Important files are stored electronically. Ask any doctor's office, any school records office, any corporate executive, and any author where their bulk of their files are kept. They will no longer point to the ugly metal filing cabinets. No, it's all on the network or on the hard drive. It's all online.

While the Kindle DX is a nifty new device, it is also a step in the same direction-the ultimate elimination of all things paper.

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