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Howard Stern And Yahoo, Sirius
Internet portal powerhouse Yahoo announced on Wednesday exclusive, Internet video coverage and an audio webcast of the party celebrating Stern's moving to Sirius satellite radio. Yahoo will webcast everything from New York City and will cart...

Picture This: Google May Buy Riya
Sure it's just rumor and speculation from sources not associated with Google or nascent photo facial recognition firm Riya, but Google could toss $40 million at Riya soon. Riya is still an alpha product, its technology focused on automatically tagging people in photos through the use of face recognition...

Miller Beer And Viral Marketing
Miller Beer launched a new game from their website promoting their Miller Lite label. The game site has been up since Monday and has had a fair amount of success. This works in conjunction with their new "Beer Runner" ad campaign.

Macromedia Muscles Development With Flex
Flash Player will be updated to version 8.5, and will be accompanied by the company's Flex 2 product line.

Apple Delivering Video Podcasts With ITunes
Apple released iTunes 5 recently, and quietly began accepting video podcasts for placement and delivery via the service.

Fotothing Plays To Flickr Dissidents
An alternative to Flickr will give those users a different choice than whether or not they should stay with Yahoo. BIOS Magazine notes in a recent article how Flickr users, some of whom are displeased at being absorbed into the Yahoo family, can try an alternative service called Fotothing.

Flickr Helps Identify Flasher
This story about how a woman used her camera phone to photograph a subway sex offender and post it on Yahoo!'s photoblogging service Flickr, which led police to identifying him is gross. We'll let you make your own jokes as every sentence you come across is (accidentally) ripe with innuendo. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Food Network Serving Online Video Series
A new 13-part series will be shown on as they attempt to skew younger. The Food Network's audience averages in the mid-30s, a demographic that appeals as much to Madison Avenue types as lightly grilled squirrel on a bagel.

Robert Scoble Goes To Google
What would happen if Robert Scoble visited Google? Is the animation style made famous by Comedy Central's South Park an effective vehicle to present speculation...?

Time For The Morning Moos: Surf Mor Cowz
There's nothing in the morning more heart warming than a strong MOO. It's particularly relevant when conducting a search, especially when you're a cow. The new search engine Mloo is banking on it with their prediction that by the end of 2005, 23% of internet users will be cows.

Getting Mugged In A Computer Game?
That's right. A man has been arrested in Japan for computer game crime. He was using bots to beat up player characters, take their stuff and then sell on the computer game black market in the computer game called Lineage II.

Are Search Engines Altering Reality?
Fresh from the hazy archives of Amsterdam scholarly research, a group of Dutch scholars have presented a concept that may indeed cause spastic synaptic misfires-a meltdown, even. The group maintains that because of the way search engines index the Web (as a subsystem of a greater system, the Internet), they may be altering time and space by creating multiple "presents." Huh? Wait, there's more.

Google Insider Cutts Into Blogging
One of Google's software engineers, Matt Cutts, has a blog up and running. The latest post has a great personal reply to someone questioning him on why their site wasn't showing up on the engine. Cutts gives a lengthy reply as to why that was, and it didn't look good for the site operator.

Microsoft Is In On the Hip Lingo
This page from Microsoft was meant for parents, so that they can understand the lingo their kids are using online while they spy on them. It turns out that after reading this, I realized I wasn't as cool (or should I say Kewl) as I thought I was. Now that I have read it, however, I think I am down with the youngsters. I think I now have da m4d sk1llz.

Dog Gets Angry with Its Own Foot
What an issue we have for you today - a giant fish, people eating out of toilet bowls, serial killers, bunnies with eggs, a dog that wants to kill its foot, and Batman himself.

One Sandwich to Rule Them All!
This issue features the making of a giant artery-clogging sandwich, a toilet for your automobile, zombies, and some other odds and ends.

Google Finds A UFO?
There is an image on Google maps that contains what may or may not be a UFO. Here is that image.

2005 WebAwards - Recognizing Net Excellence
The Web Marketing Association is pleased to announce the international call for entries for its 9th annual WebAward Competition.

Mr. T Raps About Mothers
This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Its the real Mr. T and he's really rapping about mothers. You don't have to be into the hip hop scene to enjoy the cool rhymes of T.

Cereal Logo Game
This game makes me want to go browse the cereal isle at the grocery store and pick out some favorites from the old school. Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Frankenberry,and Cap'n Crunch were some of my best friends growing up.

Downloaded Firefox? Good. Now Put It To Work For You
So you've read the glowing press and you're sick of the gaping security holes Internet Explorer opens into your personal computer and the personal data it manipulates

Optical Illusions
I would just like to start off by saying that we have a superb issue for you today. Unfortunately we don't have anything quite up to the standards set by last issue's Nickelback link, but I think we've got enough to get by.

Twinkie Sushi
This is a creative recipe from the folks at Hostess. There is no actual fish involved. It just looks like sushi, but it is made with Twinkies, fruit, and other sweets. I haven't actually tried them, but they look good, and I'm sure they would be the hit of any party. They'll be talking about your Twinkie sushi around the water cooler for months.

Thriller Lego Video
This quite simply might be the coolest thing I have ever seen. If you are not a fan of Michael Jackson's Thriller, then don't even bother with this one, but seriously...How many people aren't a fan of Michael Jackson's Thriller?


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